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Criminal Law

Individuals who find themselves on the wrong side of the law require legal representation from a lawyer. There are many lawyers in every jurisdiction. Few lawyers, however, truly care for the well being and future of their clients.

Administrative Law

Administrative law concerns matters that involve public institutions where a tribunal, committee, or an adjudicative body has made a decision against an individual or a group that have suffered by that decision but not so by way of criminal consequences. This realm of law often concerns the loss of a license, privilege or right.

Alcohol and Gaming Commission Matters

Members of the alcohol and gaming industry often face legal challenges as well as having to deal with complex statutes, regulations and rules administered by the Provincial Government of Ontario.

Anglers and Hunters Offences

Hunters can be victims of harassment while executing hunting activities. The Fish and Wildlife Act makes it an offence to interfere with anyone lawfully fishing, hunting, sport shooting or trapping.

Notary and Commission Document Services

Individuals accross Ontario require commissioner and notarial services. Worsoff Law Firm is well positioned to assist its clients who require any Notary or Commissioner of Oaths services. Affidavits, immigration, consent to travel are but a few of such documents.

Worsoff Law Firm has distinguished itself for excellence and its record of success in representing accused persons. While the firm fearlessly advocates on behalf of its clients, its team of lawyers are known for their solid relations and good standing with the judiciary and Crown Attorney offices throughout the Province.

Know Your Rights

Mitchell Worsoff has been a practicing lawyer since 1997. He was a provincial prosecutor in the City of Toronto for ten (10) years and a litigator since his membership to the Law Society of Ontario. His focus on criminal law has provided him with invaluable courtroom experience that has shaped his career and continues to do so at all levels of court.

Worsoff has represented individuals all across the province of Ontario on a variety of criminal matters. His law firm defends every type of criminal offense vigorously and competently.

Experience you can trust. Effective representation at all stages of the court process.